Local Farmers Markets

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6 thoughts on “Local Farmers Markets”

  1. This is the best pasta I have eve had. I just returned from Italy and had a perfect Italian moment. I bought the pappardelle. I made a sauce with olive oil garlic anchovies red pepper flakes then added fresh tomatoes and fresh basil. Of course grated a little fresh parm. Mille grazie . Robin Calderon

  2. My family and I went to the Ballard Farmer Market today and bought some of the pasta. I will say we never had a better pasta in our lives. A true ITALIAN made this with love. Thank you so much for a great meal in our Italian home.
    Roberto Spadaccini.

  3. Wow…we tried the Lamb Ravioli (“al plin” style) and it was amazing! Made a creamy mint sauce (roux, chopped mint in vinegar, chicken stock, sage and cinnamon) to go with it, slow-roasted Campari tomatoes, and Swiss chard. Absolutely fabulous! Can’t wait to try the other wonderful pastas we purchased from you. Thank you, thank you!

  4. We got the Kale Ravioli from the Redmond Farmer’s Market last weekend. I followed the directions–5 to 6 minutes at just below a boil in a large quantity of salted water–and they were EXCELLENT. Also as recommended, I served them with just a small quantity of freshly made tomato sauce, a bit of Italian parsley and some grated cheese. They were light, full of flavor, not sticky or stodgy or leaden at all. Can you tell we’ve been burned in the past? In any event, we are looking forward to trying many other choices from this great vendor!

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