Chestnut Trofie

Chestnut Trofie

Chestnut Trofie is an eggless hand twisted pasta.  Trofie is a traditional Ligurian Style pasta.  This version of Trofie is made with the chestnut flour and wheat flour called Tipo “00”

Sauce Suggestion Ingredients

Extra Virgin Olive Oil




White Wine



Salt & Pepper

Drizzle Extra Virgin Olive Oil a sauté pan, once heated add the finely chopped shallot and sauté until translucent

Add Sausage and break apart while cooking

Add Sliced Mushrooms, making sure not to over crowd the pan

Once mushrooms are cooked through and lost their water add a splash of White Wine

Reduce and Add Salt & Pepper

Add a splash of Cream & Parsley

*Of course you can make this simple by omitting the sausage and cream and create a lovely mushroom saute with a splash of white wine.

© 2010 Sara Lucchese

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