Pasta Sauces and some of our desserts on display at the Ballard Farmers Market


Bolognese- Tomato & Pork Ragu

Pomodoro- Tomato, Garlic, Fresh Basil

Puttanesca- Spicy Tomato, Kalamata Olive, Capers & Anchovies

Norcina- Pork with Cream, Mushroom & Truffle Salt

All sauces should be stored in the refrigerator.  Then, heated in a sauté pan.  Once your pasta is finished boiling, transfer it to the sauté pan with the sauce.  Here, you will toss all together and finish to cook the pasta for about 30 seconds.  Plate it up, add some freshly grated Parmigiano and enjoy!

We recommend using the sauces as soon after purchase (1-2 days) because we do not add any preservatives.  If you are not going to use them in the next couple days, put it in the freezer.

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2 thoughts on “Sauces”

  1. Can we order some Bolognese to be picked up at Ballard Market by February 26 or March 5, please ? 4-6 containers

    Thank you’
    John Macdonald

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