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Ciao loyal customers and new alike. We will try to keep you updated with in season ideas that incorporate our pastas, sauces and desserts with the bounty from the local farmers at the market.

We created Pasteria Lucchese to share our love and passion of Italian foods with you all.  Check out our different pages for descriptions and ideas to help inspire you.

email: pasterialucchese@live.com

Phone: 206-618-3522


©2014 Sara Lucchese

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3 thoughts on “About Pasteria Lucchese”

  1. Love your pasta. Because I am moving toward whole grain and gluten free products, I understand you are making whole wheat pasta. What are these products and can I order them ahead of time to pick the up at a farmers market? Are you selling any of your products through local (Seattle) grocery stores? Keep up the good work. Steve Randels

    1. Ciao Steve, I can make whole wheat pasta for you. I would need about a week to get the products I need to make them. I normally add type “00” soft wheat flour to the pasta so that it has a lighter texture. I can make any of our long pastas; tagliatelle, fettuccine, tagliolini or pappardelle. I have not tried Cavatelli, but if you ordered it, I can always try 🙂
      Please email us at pasterialucchese@live.com
      We only have a small kitchen space and currently are not producing gluten free products. And to answer your final question, we only supply the Cheesemongers Table in Edmonds for retail besides the farmers markets.
      Sara Lucchese

  2. Thank you Sara. I understand the need for type 00 soft wheat flour. I have at least three household that will be interested so we can order in bulk. I will be in touch. Best wishes.

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